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Shaquille Hawkins was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Graduated from the University of Chicago Charter School, Kennedy-King College, and Chicago State University, with a Bachelor's Degree in Media Arts.

Growing up, he enjoys cartoons, Japanese animation, as well as voice acting. As time progressed, he learned all that he could to enhance his gifted skills. As an artist, his older brother gave him the inspiration he needed to draw anything that he puts his mind towards. His main style of art is manga style, and primarily draws his own original characters. As a voice actor, he uses his natural voice to narrate a variety of stories, and bring the characters he was destined to play to life. It’s also one of his greatest passions, to voice characters in animations and video games.

Hawkins is also a professional sports public address announcer with 5 years of experience, announcing a variety collegiate sports games including basketball, baseball, volleyball, and soccer.

During his time in college, Hawkins had obtained unique knowledge on directing and editing. As a voice director, he leads his cast towards the right direction the best way he can and making his content worth watching, spending every minute listening to everything given to him. As an editor, both video and audio, he ensures that quality being shown and heard from them is nothing but the best of the best.

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